Koji Nelissen

Producer / Founding partner

Graduated in 2005 from the Netherlands Film Academy, Koji attended EAVE in 2010 and joined the Ace Producer Network in 2017. In 2022 he is selected as one of 12 producers for the first ACE Leadership Special. Koji is actively involved as a mentor for IFFR’s Cinemart and a finance consultant for the annual ACE Producers program

Derk-Jan Warrink

Producer / Founding partner

Derk-Jan Warrink graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2009 where he received the Dutch NVS Award for Most Talented Young Producer. After his graduation he started working as a producer for Lemming Film. Derk-Jan took part in the Binger Filmlab, Berlinale Talent Campus and attended EAVE in 2014 to expand his expertise and international network.   

Leanne Peters

Head of Business

Leanne has been an essential part of Keplerfilm since 2019. She has a Master’s degree in Film and Television studies from the UU and has been working in the industry for several years. As ‘Head of Business’ at Keplerfilm, she is responsible for a.o. managing projects, financing, applications and contracts.

Cherise Kneefel

Production coordinator

Cherise came aboard team Keplerfilm in the spring of 2020 as Production Coordinator. Cherise graduated the BA Mediastudies at the UvA in 2012 and has since worked as a production manager for a wide range of Dutch productions. For Keplerfilm, she coordinates our projects in several stages of production. 

Sarieke Hoeksma

Story editor

Sarieke Hoeksma joined Keplerfilm as a story editor from the start. After graduating from the UvA Film Studies MA, she took part in Torino Scriptlab 2019 as story editor trainee, the Six Days of Practice-workshop by Franz Rodenkirchen and Françoise von Roy, the 3-day Advanced Development workshop by Emmanuel Oberg and the FilmForward Workshop on Inclusivity.

Jelle Beuger

Marketing & Publicity Coordinator

After graduating from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2020, Jelle coordinated the marketing for an independent distributor and several production companies. In 2021 he became the chairman of the VERS association for new filmmakers. Since early 2022 Jelle strengthens the Keplerfilm team as the marketing and publicity coordinator.