Kepler Residency

Keplerfilm’s aim is to support and stimulate talented filmmakers, giving them all the necessary resources to develop their projects and to flourish as creatives. In line with this, we came up with Kepler Residency, which offers scriptwriters and directors – on invitation – the opportunity to work on their film plan for one month straight; undisturbed and free of distractions from the outside world. During this month they will stay in a remote and stunning accommodation surrounded by nature. Under the guidance of internationally renowned film professionals, they will receive helpful tools to further develop their filmscript.

We believe that the process of script development and filmmaking is one of trial and error. We hope that, by giving filmmakers the confidence and time, they get the rare chance to freely explore their project. And maybe get stuck from time to time, but most of all to become stronger every step of the way. We would like to encourage writers and directors to take risks: to find boundaries and then cross them. Because above all, we want to challenge them to tell their most authentic and unique stories.